Papertown was founded as a company in June 2012 at the perfect time with the perfect combination of people. Starting in the backyard of a 19th-century house in Vienna, we designed hand-cut stage designs for legendary Singer Songwriter Circus, always keeping the main spirit alive -the power of storytelling.


Ends of 2012 we moved together with dieLICHTFABRIK into a room that we called PIER15. It served as us office, show room and home of sculptures of form and light. We created entire worlds that grew bigger and bigger. Dragons, bees, forests, lost worlds or crystal kingdoms – our phantasy had no limits.


Switching to machine-driven manufacturing methods we were able to boost our production output and quickly got rooted in the field of exhibition design, designing for festivals like Pioneers Festival and clients like Konica Minolta, Cisco and Microsoft.


With our ability to dream and power of execution we are able to create everything from small objects like lamps and shelves to large scale architectures and exhibition systems РTransportation, set-up and service included. Together with our partners we developed more than 100 products since our foundation and keep pushing the borders of the imaginable Рfeel free to test our limits !